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    Introducing fashionable art posters from Project Nord. Art posters that combine traditional and contemporary Scandinavian designs can be a spice to make your home more comfortable. Why don't you incorporate Scandinavian art posters to create a Hugge house / space that makes you want to relax, or to change clothes at the turn of the season? Project Nord's art poster collection offers art posters in a variety of designs, sizes and colors. Carefully consider the combination with the interior of your room and find your favorite one!

    Scandinavian design art posters are perfect for any room. This "Art Poster" page is a collection of Project Nord art posters. There are various designs, from cute art posters for girls, art posters that you want to decorate in children's rooms and kids' rooms that babies will love, to simple art posters, we have designs to meet any needs. Project Nord is also a team of creators who want to change the world. We work with a spirit of challenge and a flexible attitude that large companies and companies that have been in business for a long time do not have. From the beginning of the brand's launch, we have set up sustainable measures and are passionate about continuing to be a company that is kind to both people and the earth.

    For example, Project Nord is planting one tree for each art poster purchased. We believe it is important to give back to our home world, so we have made it one of our policies. Combining beautiful design with corporate responsibility is one of the most important things for a company to live in. Get art posters online now. Your home will surely change.

    Make your own room easily with posters

    Your room is one of the few spaces where you can relax alone. It is considered very important in Scandinavia to keep the space comfortable and to make it a Hygge place that is unique to you. Art posters are also suitable for decorating single-living rental properties, small rooms, and studios. First of all, it is easy to carry and does not take up space. It's easy to decorate, and even if you can't make a hole in the wall, there are many ways to put it in a frame and lean against it, or put an art poster on it without damaging it. And one of the charms of art posters is that you can easily change the look. If you want to change the art poster depending on the season, or change from a girls' room to a modern room, you can easily change the atmosphere of the space by changing the art poster and fabric.

    Where to hang the art poster? Recommended decoration

    If there is empty space on the wall of your house, why not fill that space with a beautiful art poster? Here, we will introduce the best art posters for each room. Why don't you easily remodel your living room or dining room with an art poster that combines functionality and beauty?


    The first place you see when you come back from shopping or work is the front door. It is important to have a space that gives you a sense of security, as it is also a place that will be noticeable when guests come.


    The corridor is a space with a high degree of freedom and is also a place where you can demonstrate your creativity. You may want to play a little. It will be a playful and fun space to put up large posters and small posters alternately.


    Botanical and nature posters are perfect for this space with food. It is also recommended to choose a design that is inspired by the dishes you usually make and your favorite plants. Decorate your kitchen with art posters designed with foods such as fruits and coffee to create a clean and refreshing kitchen atmosphere.

    ・ Dining & Living

    The dining and living room, which is the most spent place in the house, can be a more relaxing place depending on the balance between calm design and stimulation. It is important to choose a poster that fits well with the furniture in your room while imagining your ideal space and calm colors. That's why we recommend incorporating abstract posters into your dining and living room .


    Decorating a soothing art poster will make your bedroom a more relaxing space. We recommend art posters in gentle colors such as warm colors and earth tones.

    ・ Japanese-style room

    Many people may think that putting up a poster in a Japanese- style room is not suitable. However, the Scandinavian design, which is simple and has a calm color, actually fits nicely with Japanese design.


    The bathroom is a difficult place to decorate posters. However, we believe that the bathroom, which is a space to take care of yourself after taking a leisurely bath on Sunday night, should be yours. I would like to recommend a framed poster for such a space. If you put an A4 size poster in the frame and lean it against it, you can easily create a high-quality space without worrying about getting wet.


    The toilet is one of the rooms that you can enter many times a day. You should be able to enrich your daily life just by changing from a murky space to a place where beautiful things come into your eyes. Why don't you put an art poster with flowers and plants in this space? Not only does it give you a feeling of cleanliness, it also has the effect of refreshing your mood.

    ・ Baby & children's room

    It's difficult to find a design that fits the interior of a home but is pleasing to young children. We had this in mind when designing art posters. Project Nord's art posters are designed to fit into the interior, while keeping in mind the motifs, colors and shapes that children will love.

    ・ Study

    We believe that the study should consist of something that inspires you. The typography art poster collection is perfect for such a space . There are many intellectual designs and the message is clearly drawn in letters, so choosing an art poster with your favorite message will always motivate you.

    History of art posters


    Ever wondered about the history of art posters and prints?


    その後、1880年にポスターの父と呼ばれるフランスのグラフィックデザイナーJules Chéret(ジュール・シェレ)が革新的なポスター制作方法を開発し、ポスター制作のノウハウが一変しました。アートポスター作家たちは好きな色を使うことができるようになったのです。





    Scandinavian art poster culture has been part of our important culture since the 1950s when Scandinavian style was established. Like other Scandinavian designs, art posters are simple, stylish, and affordable to decorate your home beautifully. Project Nord's art posters are made exactly in this tradition. We have introduced various ways to look forward to remodeling for each room. I hope it will give you a hint as to what kind of design suits your home. If you change what you see, your perspective on things may change a little in your daily life.


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